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The OCRS ( Operator Compliant Risk Score) is a mechanism used by DVSA at the roadside to identify which vehicles should be checked by mobile inspectors.

If the operator details are entered in the Mobile Compliance System it will show the Examiner if the operator is compliant with the Operator Licensing law and legislations, and what category of 'risk' vehicles present.

The OCRS is split in two areas, one monitors the roadworthiness of vehicles and the other monitors traffic enforcement.

The roadworthiness data includes the following:

First/annual test history data

Fleet check data

Roadside encounter data

The traffic enforcement data includes the following:

Drivers hours score, drivers hours prohibitions and prosecutions

Other traffic enforcement score, overloading prohibitions and prosecutions

There are now four different bands for the OCRS

Green - for operators considered low risk

Amber - for operators considered medium risk

Red - for operators considered high risk

Grey - for operators with no score yet in either category




  Roadworthiness/Traffic Entforcement


up to 10 defect points

up to 5 offence points


10 - 25 defect points

5 - 30 offence points


over 25 defect points

over 30 offence points

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