IRTE Workshop Accreditation

Independent Assessment of Workshop Facilities on behalf of the SoE/IRTE

What is the IRTE Workshop Accreditation?

IRTE Workshop Accreditation is an independent audit which recognises and promotes best practice in workshop procedures. 

By successfully passing the audit you will be placed on the IRTE Workshop Accreditation Register. enabling them to buy your services with confidence.

The independent verification of your operation standards, health and safety awareness and regulatory compliance will give you a competitive advantage within the industry.

The other benefits of the accreditation include highlighting existing best-practice while helping you to develop and improve, leading to better outcomes in terms of vehicle downtime and pass rates.

  • Demonstrate your workshops quality standards via test pass rates, Health & Safety records and areas of expertise
  • Pass on confidence in standards of work to customers
  • Get non-biased review of how your workshop compares to the industry standards
  • Identify training needs for increased workshop efficiency 
  • Receive a competitive advantage through inclusion in the IRTE Workshop Accreditation Register


SoE IRTE Workshop Accreditation Flyer



IRTEC Accreditations

IRTEC Vehicle Inspection Technician Accreditation

This Accreditation is specially designed for HGV and PCV Technicians.

Technicians who complete the IRTEC assessment are tested on both theoretical and practical skills.

Once completed an IRTEC Licence is awarded and is valid for 5 years after which a re-accreditation is required.

IRTEC Accreditation

We currently offer the IRTEC Inspection Technician for HGV and PCV.


A large Commercial Vehicle/Light Commercial Vehicle/Bus & Coach candidate must have a minimum level of relevant industry experience. Technicians can count experience in the sub-sector as relevant such as LCV, LCOMV or B&C in an appropriate role as follows.

Inspection Technician must have 3 years minimum OR hold a relevant industry nationally recognised competence qualification (SQV, NVQ, VQC) as follows as well as a minimum of 1 years post qualification experience in an appropriate role.

Re- Accreditation 

Any current IRTEC licence holder must undergo re – accreditation within 5 years of the award to maintain the IRTEC status.